#1 Referral Marketing Tips: Set Up a Killer Referral Program in 3 Easy Steps

To begin, let’s fix your gaze on your target.

Do you want more referrals? How do you ask a customer to refer your business? And how many referrals should you be getting?

In the ideal world, a happy customer would sing your praises to their friends and family, making a new buzzword for their ears: Your Business Name.

But here’s the big kicker: “83% of consumers say they’re willing to refer after a positive experience – yet only 29% actually do.” — Texas Tech University You get the idea.

Waiting for referrals to happen organically can take the wind out of your sails. If you want to be a killer you need to up your referral game.

If you are a small business owner, you ought to hear this. There’s a new technology in town, a secret weapon for small businesses. It has the power of word-of-mouth advertising and it runs on autopilot.

I’m so excited to present you: Referral Automation! We’ll explore how and why you can start off your kick-ass referral program in 3 steps. Let’s dive in!

STEP 1: Turn Customers into Your Salesforce

STEP 1: Turn Customers into Your Salesforce

Just asking someone to recommend you isn’t enough. You need to keep the positive momentum going forward , and you do that with a structured referral program.

An automated referral program is a cost-effective way to get more business from your existing customers. You gotta check this stats:

  • It gives you 4-10 times more referrals
  • Improves your customer retention by 36%
  • Helps you experience up to 86% more revenue growth

Referral automation is the best way to generate traffic—and not just any traffic — but your niche-precise leads that are so likely to result in a sale.

I bet you think “Wow, that stuff is really awesome”, and you’re right.

STEP 2: Structure Your Incentives

STEP 2: Structure Your Incentives

Who doesn’t like a deal?

Your customers can recommend your business (and get rewarded for doing so) through email, social media and SMS with a couple of clicks. For example, if you structure one-way incentive you may say: “if you recommend a friend, we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase.”

  • Easily set up the program you want
  • Include double – incentive rewards
  • Structure incentives the way you want

Further, you can give a push to your sales with double – incentive rewards by saying (eg.) “if you recommend a friend we’ll give you $5 off your next purchase AND your friend will get $5.” Now you’re getting the best of both worlds – a new customer and a repeat purchase. Sweet!

STEP 3: Exchange Referrals With Nearby Businesses

STEP 3: Exchange Referrals With Nearby Businesses

Have you heard of Partner Up? It’s a whole network of local business, all ready to exchange referrals. It’s a game-changing B2B referral engagement. Just by signing up, you’ll take the first steps of further expanding your referral world. And the process: a no-brainer:

  • Join the network
  • Create your referral offers for exchange
  • Get new referrals in 3 minutes

That simple. The crazy part: it’s FREE. No kidding.

Once you’re in, it’s so easy to recognize the best partners for each product or service that you are offering. For example, you can exchange referrals with a nearby restaurant, local gym, or a cafe down the street. No matter what’s your niche, you’ll be able to find the most optimal partners in a single click.

“That’s great and all. But how do I even start with getting referrals?”

We’re talking automation here, right? Just like all above, you can start your referral program venture with one click. Here’s the link

Now Your Turn!

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It’s amazing how automation can take an idea like word-of-mouth, and transform it into a powerful program, with analytics and real-time success tracking . Same way you can track the effectiveness of any other automation feature.

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