How one Texas massage studio generated 1089 purchases from their website

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Website conversion can sound scary. You can have a responsive website… professional design… perfectly written copy… And if you are lucky you can see a 3-5% conversion rate. Even with that, you can say that you are doing great because statistics show that the average conversion rate is 2.35%. 

However, one massage studio trumped that statistic and has an incredible 10.7% conversion rate on their website. How did they manage to outstand the average numbers? Thanks to a simple Referrizer tool called website pop-up, they managed to get 2183 leads from their website and turn 1089 of them into paying customers. 

How to convert 10.7% of website visitors into leads

In most cases, massage businesses use social media to build brand awareness and generate customers. However, this massage business generates an enviable number of customers from their website. Here is how: 

The first moment that visitors land on their website (that’s already awesomely designed) they see a pop-up with a special offer that looks like this:

website pop up

What exactly is happening here? Now we will break down each element. 

  1. The offer has a relevant image so it is easier to attract attention. 
  2. The offer is available to new clients only so the target group is set. 
  3. There is urgency created by showing how many offers are available.
  4. The offer has social proof to boost conversion. 
  5. To claim the offer, visitors need to provide a phone number (a very important part as you are going to see).

Why is this working? 

The situation is really simple. People who decide to visit the website already have a certain interest in massages. People are searching, looking at reviews and then – BOOM – they have limited special offers that match their interests. That’s where conversion happens. 

Converting leads to paying customers

Claiming the offer is only one step. Not every lead who claims the offer will actually come to your business. There are many reasons for that. People are too busy… plans change… and people forget. 

Keeping that in mind, this massage studio takes additional steps to make sure that people who claim the offer visit the business and redeem it. 

Thanks to the Referrizer’s advance text message tool, businesses are able to schedule text messages that will be reminders for leads to visit their business. 

Here is the whole process: 

  • People claim the offer – notification
    • Here’s your [voucher_title] for [business_name]. This expires on [voucher_expires] so give us a call soon to book! Click [link_mobile_web_app_voucher]
  • Wait 5 days after the claim – if not redeem send the message:
    • Don’t forget you have a special offer waiting at [business_name]. Contact us for help to get started 🙂 Check your offer here [link_mobile_web_app_voucher]
  • Wait 15 days after the claim – if not redeem send the message:
    • Hi it’s [business_name], quick reminder that your offer [link_mobile_web_app_voucher] is still available. Text for any assistance!
  • Wait 30 days after the claim – if not redeem send the message:
    • We hope to see you soon at [business_name]. Please feel free to call us regarding any questions you have. Offer pending [link_mobile_web_app_voucher]

With this flow, leads don’t fall through the cracks – With Referrizer, this massage studio has 30.7% conversion from lead to customer. 

Want to use the same methods to attract customers to your business? Start your Referrizer 14-day free trial now.

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