How to increase revenue in a restaurant using Smart Wifi

If you have ever wondered about how you can increase revenue in a restaurant using wifi, then you must be aware of today’s ultra competitive marketplace. Restaurants (even restaurants that have wifi) have to meet the challenging and inevitable task of boosting their brand to make it stand out from the rest.

But, how to do so?

If you are a newer business, chances are pretty high that it will be difficult for you, due to having a smaller budget and fewer loyal customers. This is where customer data comes in.

If you want to find out how to increase restaurant revenue using our smart wifi tool, then continue reading the text below.

First things first – why is customer data important?

Customer data is the kind of data that you get through market research – it is essential for discovering and understanding who your customers are, what their interests are, and how they prefer to spend money their money.

Customer data helps businesses to assess the viability of new products, services or menus, before putting them on the market.

Customer data can be collected using guest wifi for restaurants

We have already established that you need to collect customer data in order to increase revenue in your restaurant. In order to do that, there are various options you can choose from, and one of them is – wifi for restaurants.

For example, you can always hire third-party market researchers to collect data on your behalf but that tends to be an expensive approach that usually isn’t that feasible. Fortunately, today’s technology comes to the rescue.

How is that?

Restaurants with wifi can use their wifi access points to passively gather invaluable customer data with an analytics platform. This type of data is regularly updated in real-time and can even be used for executing traditional marketing campaigns.

How is it collected?

Every mobile device that has wifi enabled is constantly sending out signals that look for wifi access points. This signal contains a unique identification number called a media access control address – MAC address.

Additionally, these signals are constantly sent out by other devices too – such as other smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart watches – and when they come into range your wifi access point is picking them up.

When the signal is received, your access point will log this information into a database along with the device’s unique MAC address, which is how the wifi analytics platform identifies individual customers.

Increase restaurant revenue by using wifi analytics

Once you have collected wifi data, you actually have a growing list of customer profiles, and by analyzing them you start creating the most accurate and reliable data to base all your future decisions and strategies upon.

You can jumpstart marketing campaigns based on actually knowing who your customers are, what they prefer, and how they behave. allowing you to send a message that actually resonates with the right target audience.

Now we present you with some of the best ways to increase restaurant revenue by using smart wifi analytics that will inspire your future decisions and future marketing campaigns.

Behind the scenes strategy that pays off – collect information

The smart wifi marketing strategy is immensely useful keeping in mind that you don’t have to lift a finger in order to gather customer behaviour data.

This wifi marketing for restaurants strategy can be life changing! It allows you to collect stats such as customer dwell times, popular visit times, first-time and repeat visitor rate, and other anonymous metrics that can help you make data-driven marketing and operations decisions.

The real beauty of it emerges when the customer decides to log into your wifi. When they complete their log in, they typically get taken to your custom-made wifi landing page, a new customer profile is created, and all data related to their device’s unique MAC address is then added to the customer profile.

If they add a social media log in to the mix – you end up with even more data, and through a progressive profiling process, you can passively add even more data from your most loyal customers – over time you’ll have access to thousands of very detailed customer profiles.

A pleasant and welcoming atmosphere puts your restaurant on the map

So, you were wondering how to increase revenue in your restaurant using wifi marketing?

Well, having in mind that the nature of work is changing day-by-day, and that the highest percentage of the workforce today is choosing non-traditional jobs, that also means that most of those jobs don’t come with an office.

This implies that most of the freelancers or consultants who are working in special co-working spaces will opt for restaurants and coffee shops with fast wifi and comfy seats.

One of the most effective restaurant wifi solutions (and strategies) is to use this unique working climate to your advantage. Put a sign out that promotes your fast wifi and encourage them to come by.

Also, guest wifi passwords need to be displayed in a visible place.

Not only is this much more convenient for your customers, but also much easier for your staff, so they don’t need to spell out the password for each guest individually.

Attend to your email and SMS lists

Collecting emails and phone numbers for the sake of collecting essentially does nothing for you. However, using this data for email and SMS marketing can help to drastically increase your revenue.

Email marketing is very affordable and if you want to make the most of it – use segmentation. This way you will personalize emails and send them to specific groups.

By using this wifi marketing strategy for restaurants, you’ll not only learn the demographics of your customers, but also how often they visit your restaurant – this is when you can send an email to your most loyal customers, or welcome back those who haven’t been in a while.

However, those customers who have opted to receive text messages from you (after accessing your wifi), are usually the ones who keep coming back and want to hear from you! Once you collect their phone numbers, you can start segmenting this list too, and send offers and updates they might be interested in.

Build lookalike audience

The purpose of wifi information gathering is not only to help you bring back your existing customers, but also help you get new ones, which is why this is one of the best restaurant wifi solutions.

By collecting data referring to your customers demographics and other useful information, in time you will be able to determine what your average customer “looks like”, so you can start building a “lookalike” audience for future marketing campaigns.

As you create focus groups based on your wifi analytics or social media, you can focus your advertising where it will do the most good! For instance, if you determine that a greater percentage of your customers are women between 34 and 45 years old, or younger people between 20 and 30 years old, you’ll know which audience to target in your next marketing campaign.

Don’t forget to test

Restaurant wifi solutions need to be tested. Executing campaigns and measuring their success is not the end of the process, and you know it. You always need to test segmentation criteria, just as you would different marketing messages and media.

This has to be done if you want to increase revenue in your restaurant. You might experience entirely different results from making just one simple change to a segment, and without testing, you can’t know which level of optimization your campaigns might need and how optimized they can be at all.

Running a restaurant can be an unnerving process and you need to ensure that you’re generating enough revenue in order to stay afloat and make profit.

There are many marketing tools that can help you achieve that, but they can be time consuming and not all of them are effective. Smart wifi is a great way to increase your restaurant revenue, get consumers interested in your location and transform them into your greatest fans ever!

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