Best short code texting alternative?

shared short code alternative

Shared short codes are going away. If you try to get a shared short code, you will find that most wireless carriers will turn down your request. 

On the other hand, if your business already uses a shared short code you are not in an enviable situation. Thanks to strict rules, your shared short code can be blocked – even if you are following every regulation. And if that happens, it is final. No more turning it on after 24 hours. It’s permanent. 

With this massive change in the texting industry, it’s no wonder that small business owners are looking for affordable short code texting alternatives. After all, the main benefit of a shared short code was affordability, in contrast to a dedicated one which could go up to $1000.

Referrizer as the best short code texting alternative for local businesses.


Same as a short code, in Referrizer, you also have available keywords that your customers can send via SMS to claim discounts or rewards. 

What is the difference? 

The problem with shared short codes is that most of the keywords are already taken. In most cases, you need to improvise and hope that your customers don’t make a typo and opt into a totally different business. 

In Referrizer, you get a dedicated 10-digit phone number your customers will always use to reach out to only you. And best of all, you can set an unlimited number of keywords for FREE, which means better segmentation and a larger target group.

Text marketing

Once you have people opting in by sending a keyword, you are now able to send promotional messages. 

What is the difference? 

As the best short code texting alternative, Referrizer allows you to create text marketing campaigns and reach out to your customers – without breaking a sweat. 

To boost the efficiency of your text marketing, you can find free, exclusive text message templates that follow the best marketing and text communication principles.

2-way text messaging

When you use a short code, if customers decide to respond to your promotion message…nothing will happen. You will never receive the message, and the customer will never get the answer to the question. 

What is the difference? 

In Referrizer, you have an easy-to-use messaging app that turns a one-sided communication into a warm and relationship-building chat with your customers. 

You will be able to exchange messages with customers from your phone, computer or tablet – without any cost. 

shared short code alternative

CRM for your contacts

With an unlimited number of keywords available to you, you can expect that customers will come from different sources. 

What is the difference?

Our CRM tool allows you to implement advanced segmentation of your leads and customers, so you can craft highly targeted text marketing campaigns that see enormous engagement. 

Get the best short code texting alternative for only $99/m.

Or, try it out by yourself with a 14-day free trial.

How F45 fitness studios use Referrizer to attract new members, re-engage old ones, and increase revenue

fitness case study

F45 is a fitness studio that focuses on helping people stay in shape even if they are super busy. With their intense training, people burn 700 calories on average in only 45 minutes. It is a great place for both beginners and those with more experience because of the great community they’ve built and the support each member gets.

Just like every other fitness studio, F45 had to deal with losing clients. Some people achieve their goals, others lose motivation, while others choose different places to train – there are many reasons. Still, F45 knew that they needed something to cut through the noise and Referrizer marketing automation helps them with that.

Fitness marketing


Attracting new members

Businesses can’t rely on only one method for attracting new members. With Referrizer, F45 has various methods to turn leads into paying members. 

One of the studios efficiently uses the Referrizer website widget for getting new members. With this cost-effective method, they managed to get 160 new members by highlighting their deals. The best thing is, those 160 new members came from their website, which means they didn’t have to use deal sites and share profit with them.

fitness marketing

Another F45 fitness studio took advantage of their incoming phone calls. With the Smartline number, after each call, an automated text message is sent asking the person if they want to learn more about special offers. By doing this, 108 people joined their list and 37 of those people became paying members.  

Re-engaging existing members

Using the Referrizer Loyalty program, F45 businesses now have a super effective system to engage and motivate existing members. With points and rewards, they are motivating clients to come more often, spread the word about them, and give reviews. The outcome? 1374 loyal members from one studio that visited for 13 months on average per member. 


Overall, F45 studios that used Referrizer improved communication with members, boosted online reviews and increased member retention.

Here are the results that some of the F45 studios managed to get with Referrizer marketing automation: 

  • Boost online reviews from 4 to 252 on Google and also get 113 testimonials from members.
  • Get 1374 loyal members.
  • Attract 160 new clients from their website only.
  • Get 108 new leads from phone calls only, and managed to turn 37 into members using automated text campaigns. 
  • Get 2063 purchases through email and text campaigns that brought $176,179 additional revenue.