Referrizer Launches $1 M Fund to Support Texas Businesses

Launching a Fund for Texas Local Businesses

The recent unprecedented storm in Texas has made it incredibly difficult for businesses to communicate with their customers. Temperatures dropped to freezing levels, and since the state’s energy infrastructure was not built with the cold in mind, millions of Texans lost power. As the storm ravaged the state, companies that had seen a slight improvement in business in recent months started to struggle again. As restaurants and small businesses struggle to stay open amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and recent natural disaster, Referrizer gives a helping hand to business owners by launching a $1,000,000 fund. 

Two-Month Trial

We are now offering two months of our services for free to every Texas business that has been affected by the storm. Our autonomous marketing platform is built to empower businesses. Technological innovations like our Smart WiFi are pivotal in maintaining business as people seek to support their local businesses and communities. Remaining visible to new and old customers is one of the most important ways to keep up customer engagement during such difficult events.

Texas Disasters 

Since so many are still without power and water, even weeks after the storm first struck, people rely on their local restaurants for food. Referrizer can help direct people to local businesses, so they can support them. Now more than ever, Texans need to work together to help one another, support local businesses, and ensure the survival of communities. The state motto of Texas was designated as the word “Friendship” nearly a century ago, and we hope to help the people of the Lone Star State live up to this ideal.

Referrizer’s New Solution

Businesses in Texas and all across the country have already been utilizing Referrizer’s innovative solutions and technical expertise, and with this new offer, we hope to help 1,000 by offering a free Setup worth of $599 and two months of services worth $199 each. While our Smart WiFi has been one of the most popular solutions for the organizations we serve, Referrizer offers a suite of useful programs and services that benefit our clients, including:

  • Email Marketing to stay in touch with your customers
  • Reputation Management to increase positive reviews
  • Retention and Loyalty Programs to reward your most faithful customers 
  • 2-Way Text Messaging to help you communicate with clients

Referrizer’s Background

Referrizer is known for helping clients thrive during hard times, and the challenge presented by this storm is another struggle that we can overcome together with our clients. Our platform is built with relationship-building in mind. When disasters strike, the people of a community pull together to take care of one another, but pulling together is difficult without the proper infrastructure to enable it. 

Re-creating Local Community.

The spirit of Friendship that carries through Texas communities will encourage Texas and its people to persevere, even against these difficult odds. If your business is based in Texas, feel free to contact our team, and we will help your business!

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