International Women’s Day Presents

As International Women’s Day is approaching, Referrizer wants to bring attention to the amazing and excellent women in business. Since this holiday is very important for the company, Referrizer wants to propose a competition which will bring attention to the exceptional women in business who didn’t get the right recognition.

History of the Holiday

International Women’s Day was first proposed in New York City in 1909, as a day to celebrate the wonderful women who have improved the world with their innovation, intelligence, and care. 

Statistics about women-owned businesses

According to a study commissioned by American Express, 4 out of every 10 American Businesses are owned by Women. The amount of women-owned businesses has increased 31 times since 1972. Despite the recent boom in female-driven business, there is still a significant gap between the amount of male and female-owned businesses, and many women struggle to get their businesses going, especially now during this unprecedented pandemic.

Women’s Day Celebration

Today, more than a century later, it is still celebrated every March 8th in countries around the world. Women’s History Month was created to celebrate the wonderful women that have made incredible contributions to the world and our lives.

One-month trial

Referrizer is seeking to close this gap with their new fund: every woman-owned business in America is eligible for a free one-month trial of our Automated Marketing Platform.

Women will grow their customer bases and develop businesses quickly and easily. Referrizer’s technical expertise is already used by businesses across the country, and we hope that this new push will help create a more diverse and balanced group of business owners in America.

During this free month, Woman-Owned Businesses will gain access to:

  • Smart WiFi that prompts customers to provide feedback when they connect with their devices, which is then posted on Google Reviews
  • Reputation Management to help increase the number of positive reviews about your business
  • Retention and Loyalty Programs to reward your most faithful customers for sticking around

We believe there’s no better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by helping America’s female-owned businesses thrive.

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