How to use Referrizer to collect reviews, get customer feedback and protect your online reputation from angry customers

Online reviews

Knowing what customers think about you is important. Sometimes these insights help you to:

  • Boost sales if you collect awesome testimonials.
  • Improve products/services thanks to direct feedback from your customers.
  • Reveal critical mistakes that angry customers tell you about. 
  • Better understand your own customers. 

However, not every customer review is for everyone’s eyes, especially if it’s something that can damage your business reputation. So here at Referrizer, we created the ultimate solution that helps businesses collect online reviews, feedback and protect their reputation all at the same time. 

Take a look at exactly how Referrizer manages to do this. 

An important thing to notice. If you are wondering how you can get people to actually share their thoughts, businesses use smart Referrizer text and email marketing to ask for feedback once they visit businesses.  

Here’s an example of a super-effective email that we use:

review request email

And here’s an example of a simple but also effective automated text message that one of our clients use:

Now we can focus on reviews, feedback, and reputation protection. 

Collecting online reviews

Here’s a situation. Customers visit your business, they make a purchase and an automated email or text message like the ones above is sent. Once they click on the link, customers will see this:

If they are satisfied with the service, naturally they will click on the happy, green smiling emoji, which directly leads them to the selected review site.

collecting online positive reviews

It can be Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor… wherever you want to boost reviews. They will be directly taken to that page, so the only thing they need to do is to write a few words and publish the review. 

Why is this method so effective?

  • You are asking customers for a review at the best possible time… after visiting your business
  • You are providing a direct link that leads your customers to review sites. Customers doesn’t need to search for your business by themselves and do unnecessary additional work

Collecting customer feedback

If you are wondering what happens if someone doesn’t have a great experience to share, that’s where customer feedback comes into play. 

If customers don’t feel like they received exceptional service and click on the yellow button with the neutral emoji, they take a totally different journey.

Instead of going directly to the rating site, they are able to provide private feedback so you can discover what was wrong and hopefully improve future experiences.

Protecting your reputation from bad reviews

The same as with customers who have a neutral experience, from time-to-time it could happen that you have an incredibly unsatisfied customer who feels the need to share his/her bad experience. 

Even if asking this kind of customer for a rating sounds scary, it’s the best thing you can do. 

Once he/she clicks on the angry red emoji, he/she will have a similar journey that collects feedback and keeps it private and visible only to you. 

protecting online reputation

Whatever the dissatisfied customer writes, once again the same as with neutral customers, it stays only visible to you. In this way, you keep your reputation protected from the angry 1-star reviews written in all caps, while you are getting useful insights into things you can improve in your business.

What next?

If you want to boost your online reviews and collect customer feedback while protecting your online reputation, start the Referrizer free trial now and try out our Reputation management tool for 14 days. 

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