How to use data-driven marketing to shape your campaigns

Digital marketing used to be commanded by people who made decisions based on their intuition. This decision-making strategy was more or less successful, depending on the ability of the leaders in the industry to see the bigger picture.

Today, even an educated guess is a nuisance thanks to proper data-driven marketing analytics, when even the most inexperienced marketers and business owners can make the right decision based on pure data.

If you’re interested to find out how you can use data-driven marketing to shape and boost your campaigns – read the text below.

Obtain the competitive advantage

One of the greatest things a data-driven marketing strategy can offer is an insight into your competitors’ initiatives.

One example is social media analytic tools that can help you compare your competition based on their number of likes and followers. Another example is the search engine data, where various tools can help you determine which keywords are best ranked and in what position.

This helps you create better content around the same keywords and outrank them in the future.

The point is, you get to see what your competitors are successful at based on the data-driven marketing statistics, and try to emulate it by using even some basic diagnostics.

Content is king so allow it to stay that way

Maybe the single most important thing you need to understand is that when it comes to a data-driven marketing strategy, content marketing is king, because it directly affects both traffic and customer loyalty.

However, the importance of a data-driven creative approach lies in its ability to offer a more accurate estimation of the efficiency of your content. Thanks to data analytics, you can plan a long-term content strategy that will work.

On the other hand, basic appealing content won’t give the real perspective of its potential in contrast to competition.

Improve your marketing budget management

Marketing managers always have to make sure to stay on budget. Now, thanks to data-driven marketing campaigns, you can always stay within your budget.

A good example of using a data-driven marketing strategy to stay on budget is using social user-profile data in order to find out what kind of marketing efforts your audience engages with the most.

This kind of data is extremely useful if you are, for example, determined to use your marketing budget to create a video. It tells you whether or not you should spend your marketing budget on making a video and whether or not your audience is even remotely interested or engaged by that form of communication.

Personalize your lead nurturing campaigns

By using a data-driven marketing strategy, you can find out exactly who is visiting your website, how long they stay on the page, which lead generation tool they sign up for, and so on.

By using cookie tracking or a smart wifi tool, you can serve up personalized ads that match the demographic profile of your user, together with their location and interests.

This data-driven marketing strategy holds another important benefit – it can help you create loyal customers through adding value to the relationship you have with your customers by using personalization.

By simply personalizing your greeting email with the name of your customer, you can get better prospects when it comes to communication with your customers or clients.

Boost your user experience

Data-driven digital marketing campaigns can help you reach the right audience on the right social media channel.

How so?

Your landing page or your entire website should be structured with the user in mind, and that is precisely something that data-driven marketing can help you with. It can help you increase conversions and improve your user experience by giving insight on where your audience is hovering the most.

By turning to platforms that carry out social media analytics, you can get a detailed report of all your brand mentions on social networks and see if you are heading in the right direction. In case you aren’t, you can discover which field requires some improvement.

Determine who your buyer personas are

You are probably aware that one of the first tasks of any marketing manager of a new company is to determine the buying personas for their company, and user profile data is crucial for doing this accurately.

A data-driven marketing strategy can help you gain access to over 200 data points that in turn help you better understand your user base – and then you tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly.

The user profile data usually provides you with names, email addresses, gender, location, age, interests, educational background and so much more. Thanks to this, you can create custom audiences so you can target a more qualified audience in the future.

By getting insight on their quirks and hobbies, as well as their major traits, you will also be able to practically visualize your customers. The amount of insight you can get thanks to the rise of biometrics in digital marketing is absolutely staggering and therefore something that shouldn’t be skipped.

Data-driven marketing campaigns for future marketing opportunities

There is no escaping the numbers when you want to launch your data-driven marketing campaign, every experienced marketer knows that.

The ability to analyze data collected through the various technologies and tools we have available today is an invaluable approach not many marketers know how to use as of yet. However, this prized ability is the one that can provide you with better marketing opportunities.

Ultimately, improving your data-driven marketing strategy campaigns in this day and age can only be an asset – or a necessity if you will.

These strategies that use data-driven marketing to shape your campaigns are just some of many, helping you to focus your marketing efforts and get the best results in return. Data analytics can be your secret weapon in getting the upper hand, but you must remember that you need to use the right tools in order to do so.

Without these tools, your data can begin to look like random numbers, offering you little to no insight at all.

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