How to collect phone numbers of your customers using Referrizer

Learn how to get a green light for text marketing messages. 

Having a bunch of customer email addresses is cool. But if you ever launched even one text marketing campaign, you know how much higher engagement you get. 

So the real question is how can you get customers to give you their numbers?

We get it… Emails are much easier to obtain…but acquiring phone numbers can bring you a lot more in the long run.

According to a 2016 survey conducted by 3Cinteractive, 48% of participants said they prefer to communicate with brands via SMS, while 22% marked an email as their preference

And here is email vs. text marketing, side-by-side. 


Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Open rate

19% – 26%


Click-through rate

6% – 9 %


Response rate



Average time to respond

90 minutes

90 seconds

Coupons redeemed

2% – 4%

30% – 50%

*source: Hubspot, Tatango, 99firms, Gartner, Campaign Monitor, Point of Sale

The good news is that Referrizer gives you 5 creative ways to collect your customers’ phone numbers in a TCPA compliant way.

Among these 5 ways, you will find:

2 ways for collecting information about leads that you can later turn into customers

2 ways for collecting information of existing customers so you can get them to spend more in the future…

And one ultimate way for both situations. 

Let’s dig right into it. 

1. Website widget

Website widget is a great tool that allows you to boost your sales and, at the same time, collect phone numbers of potential customers.

With a website widget, you will be able to promote special offers directly on your website, and for people to claim it, they will need to provide information, like their name and phone number.

Small business marketing

Once the visitors claim your offer, you will have their contact information in your Referrizer database. 

And in case potential customers don’t show up to redeem the special offer, you can always reach out to them without any worries, because by claiming your rewards, they opted in for your messages.

One New York gym managed to collect 1551 phone numbers of leads using only a website widget, which resulted in 351 new paying customers.

2. Smart line

In Referrizer, you have a dedicated number that keeps track of every call your business receives. Once your Smart line is active, you will be able to recognize if the number that is calling you is an existing customer or a potential one.

The outcome? 

If it is a new customer when the call is over, he/she will receive a text message that asks if he/she wants to be notified among the first about exclusive and limited deals… If he/she replies “YES”, that is the green light for you to send he/she promotional messages.

Small business text marketing

Using a Smart line to collect customer phone numbers, a small salsa dance studio from Seattle collected 1120 new contacts. 

3. Keyword auto-responder

This tool comes in very handy, both for your new and existing customers. In some cases, someone will be your customer for years, but you still don’t have their permission to include them in your text marketing messages. 

You never asked? They didn’t feel the urge to share it? There are plenty of reasons. But a keyword responder can change that. 

How does it work?

All you need to do is: share an image on your social media, flyer or poster in your business that says: Send special keyword to receive a special reward. And don’t forget to include your Smart line phone number, where customers can text you. 

4. Check-in via iPad

This method is super focused on existing customers only and it works together with your loyalty program. 

If you are working on improving your customers’ retention and having a loyalty program in place, you need to have a way to track the number of customer visits to give them the promised rewards. 

In Referrizer, one way to track customers’ number of visits is to let customers check in on your business iPad by typing in their phone number. 

So, even if you have customers who didn’t give you their phone number, but still want to be a part of your loyalty program, this is the way to go. 

5. Wi-Fi

Another super helpful tool you have in Referrizer allows you to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi you already offer. This approach is super effective in collecting customers’ phone numbers.

How does it work?

When your customers want to use your free WiFi, they will need to insert their phone number and name, but just the first time. After that, whenever they visit your business, our system will recognize them and will automatically connect them to your WiFi and check them into your loyalty program. 

Why does it work? 

At first glance, asking customers for private information such as phone numbers for free WiFi seems like it wouldn’t work. The beauty of this approach is that you are not asking for their phone information without any reason, but you are doing so to notify them about special offers. Same as for Smart line. 

Small business marketing

Need a hand?

If you want to start using some of these 5 ways to collect your customers’ phone numbers, but you are not sure how, contact our support team and we will get back to you in no time!

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