Communication with clients just got a whole lot easier!

We’ve come up with a true game-changer that will help you communicate with clients easier, increase sales, reduce missed opportunities, and prevent losing clients.

If you run a business, you know how important it is to respond to clients’ messages as fast as possible. However, the more engagement you get, the harder it is to follow up with everyone. It’s a bittersweet feeling. You are excited that you have a new booking, but with that excitement, the sense of being overwhelmed kicks in too. Unanswered texts are piling up, and there is no time to keep up with it all. It’s a total mess, right?

To help you with this challenge, we’ve created a solution that allows you to keep communication organized even during the busiest days!

Meet the new Referrizer Inbox, an elegant and (we have to admit)
good-looking fellow who will make your business life more comfortable

The new Inbox is a handy tool that transforms messy text communication into an easy-to-use interface with a familiar look. Here is what you can do with your new Inbox:

Better organization

When you start to use the new Inbox, the first thing you will experience is incredible transparency and meticulous organization. You will be able to jump from one conversation to another while having the person’s contact info in the same tab. 

But that isn’t the only thing that is organized. To make it easier to keep track of communication with clients, notifications inform you how many unread messages you have. And for those who are big fans of emojis, searching for a particular one and including them in text messages is now possible in a few clicks. 

Everyday experience

The new look makes communication with clients easy and fun, like chatting with your friends. From now on, getting bookings, following up to check appointments, and winning back old clients doesn’t have to be any different than sending a message to a good friend to check out if they are free for a coffee. 

On the left side, you will find a list of all contacts you have been communicating with, and in the center, you get the full history of exchanged messages. On the right side is your personal assistant that tells you the most important information about the contact you are talking to.

Increase engagement with personalized messages

The more personal it gets, the better relationship you create with customers. The new Inbox allows you to craft personalized messages with variables that pull data from your CRM system. What does this mean for you? Even if you are super busy, variables allow you to send personalized messages that don’t sound like generic replies.

Search option

When you start using the new Inbox, you will be able to find a specific contact, without the need to leave it, thanks to the Search bar. You can now jump from conversation to conversation faster than ever without slowing down your productivity by switching between a bunch of different tabs.

Less unresponded messages

From now on, you can have a powerful communication tool on your work computer and your mobile phone. And thanks to a transparent interface and push notifications, you will be able to quickly notice and reply to messages without leaving clients to wait on you. 

Discover how you can communicate with clients easier, increase sales, reduce missed opportunities, and prevent losing clients with
the new Inbox.

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