3+ ways to build an opt-in customer database by using Referrizer

Opt-in database

Discover how to build your opt-in customer database using tools you have in Referrizer. 

3 easy ways to build a database

1. Scan QR Code or Text YES to your Texting number

One of the easiest ways to collect client’s opt-in permission is to have your clients text YES to your Texting Number (Smartline)

How does it work?

Tell your clients that you updated your communication policy and they will not be able to receive Text updates and deals unless they opt-in their number. 

Simply, they need to scan the QR Code and press SEND. 

PRINT an OPT-IN QR Code template. Purchase from Office Depot or Staple acrylic 8.5 x 11” stand to place print inside. 


2. Email Opt-in Campaign

Want to send Email Opt-in Campaign to your customers right away?

3. Smart Line

Referrizer’s Smart Line is a tool that allows you to encourage every client that calls your business to opt-in for marketing messages.

How does it work? 

When the phone call ends, your clients/leads will receive a text message that thanks them for calling and asks if they want to get notified about special offers, promotions, and news.

One of our spa clients managed to get 1456 new opt-ins just by using the Smart Line feature to engage clients after the call has ended. 

Smart Line advantage.

The Smart Line is connected to your CRM in Referrizer, so if a client/lead who already opted in is calling you, he/she will not receive the message that invites them to opt-in again. 

What do you need to start collecting opt-ins with Smart Line?

If you have a Referrizer premium account, the Smart line tracking number is already available to you. To start using it, you will need to promote the Smart Line number whenever your clients may find it. For example: Social media platforms and the Google business page. If you want to activate the Smart Line tracking number, check out this article to see how.


4. Smart WiFi

If you want to target existing clients to opt-in for marketing messages, Smart WiFi is a tool that is ideal for targeting people who are inside of your business.

How does it work?

When a client tries to connect to your free business WiFi, if you have Referrizer Smart WiFi active, it will ask them to provide their name and phone number to continue. By doing so, clients are opting themselves in to be able to use your free WiFi. 

Smart WiFi advantage.

Once your client opt-in and connects to your WiFi, the next time he/she visits your business, Smart WiFi will recognize them and automatically check-in your client. This comes in handy for your loyalty program since clients will be able to check-in and earn rewards easier without involving your staff.

How to get Smart WiFi in your business? 

In Referrizer, we provide you with a device that turns your regular WiFi into a smart one. This device is free, but it comes with a $149 deposit that will be returned to you if you decide you don’t want to use Smart WiFi anymore. 

Click here to order your Smart WiFi device

Best way to boost your opt-ins with Smart WiFi.

Providing a phone number for access to WiFi certainly isn’t the best deal for clients. Usually, they expect some kind of reward when they share a piece of private information. 

However, Smart WiFi can work well even if you don’t offer any kind of discount if framed in the right way. Two ways you can frame it: 

  • Tell clients they will be among the first people to hear about upcoming special offers.
  • Let your staff explain the benefits of checking in easier and earning points.

5. Check-in Kiosk

Same as for Smart WiFi, Check-in Kiosk is an effective way to get clients in your business to opt-in. 

How does it work?

When you use Referrizer Loyalty program, one of the ways clients can earn points is through check-ins. Check-In Kiosk is a tablet that allows your clients to confirm their visit by entering their phone number.

How to start collecting phone numbers from your clients? 

Simply order your free Referrizer Check-in kiosk here. We will send it to you in no time so you can start collecting opt-ins as soon as possible. 

6. Opt-in Paper Form

Sometimes, you don’t need any kind of advanced technology to get people to opt-in. 

Politely asking clients when they are in your business if they want to receive a special offer works just fine. 

Get them to fill in and sign a short document with their name and phone number that explains that they will occasionally receive promotional messages. After that, the client has opted-in legally and you have the green light to send them marketing messages without any hesitation. 

What to do with the contacts you collected using paper opt-in?

Apart from automatically updating your contacts in Referrizer, you can also manually import contacts into your CRM. During the import process, you will have a choice to select if the client has opted-in for SMS or email marketing. Make sure that you choose the right channel that the client has selected. 

Download FREE paper opt-in for you to use in your business to collect clients’ phone numbers.

7. Landing page

If you are using Referrizer landing pages, you have a super-easy way to collect customers’ emails. The same as with the methods mentioned above, the number of subscribers will depend on the way you ask for the opt-in. 

What to write?

Here are a few ideas that you can put on your landing page:

  • Get informed about exclusive rewards.
  • Receive special offers from [BUSINESS NAME] in your email. 
  • Get notified about awesome offers from [BUSINESS NAME]


How to start collecting opt-ins from your landing page? 

If you have an active landing page in Referrizer, follow these steps to activate a subscription section:

  • Click on the Landing Page module in the Referrizer backend (left side menu).
  • Select a landing page where you want to add a subscription section. 
  • Find the “subscribe element” on the left side and activate it. It will appear on your landing page. 
  • Edit text, background, and button color to make it perfect. 

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